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Important for those students who get too distracted and overwhelmed by what they are supposed to achieve in the future. ... See MoreSee Less

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Uni wants IGCSE + GED?
Call us and prepare with our intensive ONE MONTH programme.
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IGCSE results not quite the A grade you wanted?
Wish to boost up the grade?
Come to us, and we'll give you a crash course till the exams in Oct/Nov.
Subjects available: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business, Economics, Accounting.
Private tuitions available, as well as group lessons with friends.
Discount packages available.

Call us pronto: 04 - 3671471
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Pakistan Zindabad !!
Happy Independence Day to Pakistan :)
We pray that our country is free from all the rubbish that plagues it daily. And that our people are guided towards righteousness and taqwa.
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Our classrooms for primary sections.

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Welcome to AEiE – the Institute recommended by schools and universities.

Mr Anees Hussain established AEiE in Dubai in 2004. It is headed by him, and co-headed by Ms Faryal Khanzada. Mr. Hussain has a history of 50 years in all forms of education. Since 1987, his 4 centers in Karachi, Pakistan have placed over 35,000 students in all disciplines in top universities in Pakistan and in over 30 countries worldwide. The AEiE Dubai approach was specially developed for the small size of the Dubai student market as compared to the 25 million population of Karachi. AEiE has continually followed the strong principles set by him, with his uncompromising stand on imparting quality education to students – always.

AEiE’s differential advantage is that we excel in one-on-one or small group focused preparation. Our teachers establish a close working relationship with each student and teach each in a way suited to that student. In the last 10 years, we have achieved tremendous success in all our courses. Our students regularly achieve the grades they aspire and work hard for. Various school and university counselors work with us over the academic year, whether it is for a student who needs a boost in any subject, a student who needs preparation for international exams, or a student who needs certain extra courses to qualify for university admission. We’re happy that we are able to help them all.

Please do review our website and the courses we offer. Given our carefully chosen & highly qualified and experienced family of teachers, our private and semi-private lessons, our reasonable fees, our comprehensive study material, it is no wonder that our students are completely prepared for their exams and perform better than they have ever before.

No one gets you higher scores than we do. No one gives you the attention like we do. AEiE makes all the difference.